Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Off to Chicago!

duncan singing for his old hardcore band...I'm reading his book on the plane! I took this picture my junior year of high school.

Ok I finished Chapter 11 today but I wasn't in the zone. I think this chapter turned out pretty bad. I'll either fix it tomorrow or in the second draft. I was pretty focused on getting packed and prepared for two weeks in the midwest. Cari made a salad with greens and carrots from our garden! Amazing.

I also laid down in the backyard and read Clive Barker's short story "The Midnight Meat Train" Man that man knew how to write a scary story. I was getting excited for the upcoming movie and thought it would be fun to read again. I'm reading my old friend duncan barlow's novel Supercell anemia on the plane tomorrow. Fun.

Found out tonight our friend from PA in western Washington Timmy has cancer. He is in my thoughts and prayers. His father and sister both got it young. He is a really cool person. He and his wife owned a health food store in redneck washington and converted their family,their employees and their store to being vegan after watching Earthlings. A year later Timmy is dealing with this.

Ok so if your in Chicago stop by...

July 10th in Chicago!
Quimby's (http://www.quimbys.com) bookstore in Chicago's wicker park

Reading & Signing:
David Agranoff co-editor of The Vault of Punk Horror
Garret Cook author of Murderland
Eckhard Gerdes author of My Landlady the Lobotomist
D.Harlan Wilson author of Dr. Identity

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