Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicago went great, rocking in Indiana!

Have not got as much writing done since I was being Uncle David, and did a reading at the Chicago Bizzaro fiction fest. Turn out was good, sales were not so hot. The readings went well all for authors were great. It was cool that Garrett Cook says he is moving to Portland. Fun.

Lots of internet and old friends showed up. F pits my former Moshed into Oblivion vocal partner showed up with his wife Diana. Nice to meet her. Mike,minku,emma_0,and Chris Z from Vegan freak, Schmeel from Vegan represent. Cool.

Got slowed down by managed to finish chapter 13 of the tour this morning. Worked in my dad's office. It was strange seeing so many pictures of myself from many eras. walked around bloomington and saw a few old friends just walking.

ended up at roots b-town's vegetarian restaurant. Got a choclate milkshake with temptation. Yummy. Some jackass fella keeps playing top forty songs on the accoustic guitar in the corner. I wanted to slap when he satarted playing "you look wonderful tonight."

Ugh eating dinner here tonight with my folks, and taking dad to see the new indiana jones movie. He's been in europe since it was released. In the next couple days I'll have to see hellboy 2 as well.

Ok got to get caught to my b-town friends.

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