Friday, July 25, 2008

Back in black or at least PDX

Picture is Cari and Yuen P.Newton

So I did my last couple days in Indiana. Fndave, his housemate Bridget and I had a super hero weekend seeing Dark Knight and HellBoy 2. Both were awesome but not even close to comparable. Spent a last day with My dad and susan, My step-nephew Zevin. It was fun. Then back to Chicago. Had a nice last day with my sister but I spent most of it writing.

So I've been back in Portland for two days. First things first, I brought a hoodie with me to Indiana. Waste, it was hotter than Satan's butthole there, even at night I was sweating sitting still. Came back to Portland, and geuss what it was in the 70's. Hoodie weather at night. Hell yeah!

Cari, Ian and I Went to a meeting for the Portland Literary Offensive. That was fun. More details to come. We are planning on sewtting up a Word cart outside of wordstock to sell local authors books. "Think globally, read locally." Should be fun. Ian and suffered through M.Night's latest divebomb the Crapenning. It was as bad as everyone says. We will be writing a rewview on sunday for our bad movie blog Cinematic feces. We have neglected the blog but don't fear we are starting bad movie nights every other sunday.

As for the novel. I'm on Chapter 20, I think there will be thirty. I just passed 33,000 words. So I'm on track on length because I wanted 50,000 to 55,000 words. Short and fast like a punk song. It's a punk novel so it makes sense.

Ok back to work, since the Hulk made it to the cheap theaters and the X-files movie is out this weekend I'm going to have to work over time tonight to make time for it.


Gina Ranalli said...

I'm proud of you, David! You are kicking that book's ass!

Beautiful pic, btw. :)

Martin Roberts said...

Great news David on the progress of the new novel! It looks like we'll have two new books from you in the near future instead of one...

David Agranoff said...

Three books.

Screams from a Dying world 2.0
and my novel Hunting the moon Tribe will both be Afterbirth books.

The one I'm writing is called The Tour not sure who'll do that.

41,000 words today. chapter 25 done.