Monday, July 7, 2008

Novel update / Badmitton Championship

Ok Just finished chapter 10 of the tour. I also passed the 17,000 words. Chapter 10 was nothing like I had planned but it managed wanted to express something I wanted to say with the book but wasn’t sure I knew how to do it.

I kinda lost Sunday, I wasn’t able to get much done yesterday because I had some strange allergic reaction. Headaches, squeezing and eyes watering I felt like shit. Then we hosted a potluck/ Badmitton competition. Our pal Gavin not only brought baddass cupcakes but he was the singles champion.

Randall and I (Team straight edge) won the doubles. I don’t know how because it was an ugly victory but we won.

I leave on Wednesday for Chicago and Thursday is the Chicago Bizarro fest which I’ll be reading a story at. See you there Chicago people!

Photo #1: Gavin single champ Photo#2: Double's champs


Gina Ranalli said...

Gah! Running out to the post office right now to overnight you books for Chicago. I hope they make it.

Congrats on the badmitten victory!!

David Agranoff said...

I lost horribly in the singles, something was missed up with my serve but by the doubles I was back in my game.