Thursday, July 17, 2008

Indiana has not been good for the novel.

So I've been hanging out and getting caught up with Bloomington. So here are some pictures. I didn't get pictures with fndave but he and I hung the other day. Helped My dad and Susan move into their new place. Rode a borrowed bike around town and hung out with Ryan Love and his wife. It's my first time meeting Lacey. She is good for him and that makes me happy.

Yesterday Ryan, Parker(he played the Geetar for a undying)and myself drove to visit Kurt in indianapolis. Ate some yummy Chinese food and talked about the old days like old ass hardcore kids do. I also drove around taking pictures of every bloomington house I ever lived in which should provide some fun posts next month.

I've only gotten some editing and about 1,000 words since my last update but I can write when I get home. Pics include Ryan with the pre-drive smoothie, Kurt and Parker on the porch and Me and ryan in Dad's ride.


ryanscottlove said...

Indiana has been good for green smoothies and sweet post apocalyptic car rides! Let it be known that The House of Love is keepin' it real...

David Agranoff said...

it has been good for that!