Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Review: Shatnerquake by Jeff Burk

Shatnerquake By Jeff Burk
83 pages
Eraserhead press

Jeff Burk is the editor of the new but excellent bizarro fiction magazine. This gives him an important role at center of a growing literary movement. It should not be a surprise that he has also put out a unique novella of Science Fiction bizarro-ness. That is the Shatnerquake, Shatner fans have been lighting up the internets with buzz about this slim but hilarious book that packs more inside geek jokes and humor into 83 pages that most MST3k episodes. This book has already become the subject of Wil Wheton's tweets and fans have already generated fake sequel covers. 'Tsunimoy' anyone?

Jeff has been kicked out of Star Trek conventions for doing clandestine readings and his multi-media performance is sight to see. Ok enough of the buzz is there a book to enjoy. Yep it's slim but the perfect length about rabid Bruce Campbell fans accidentally bring all William Shatner's characters to life in act to kill their hero's convention spotlight stealing foe The Shat.

Kirk with a lightsaber, Priceline Shatner, TJ hooker, cartoon Kirk. They are all there on a hilarious mission to hunt down and destroy the man who created them. The real William Shatner. This a funny piece of fiction, Shatner himself should get a kick out of it. I really hope he doesn't sue mister Burk before he can write a sequel. Shatner fans or Star Trek fans don't like the shat still can find alot to love here. This is a fun read.

In honor of my favorite Shatner character from incubus I give you it's trailer...

Buy Shatnerquake! It's a Geekgasm waiting to happen.


Eraserhead Press said...

Your wish is our command David...go to your bookshelf and pick up Shatnerquake again, turn to page 33-34, Esperanto Shatner!

Thanks for the review. You rock!

Bill Chapman said...

It was interesting to see the mention of Esperanto here. Lest your readers think that Esperanto is something experimental. I'd like to say that it is the language of an sizeable community, and in use today.

Take a look at