Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A different Take on the murder at Yale.

Every so often a news story comes down the pike that helps us Animal advocates shine a light on what it feels like to be a non human victim to our out of control Society. Perhaps the best example of this was the DC sniper a few years back. For two weeks or so the area around DC was scary place to be a human being. Snipers seemingly at random were shooting people at random as they walked around shopping malls, grocery store parking lots as they functioned in nature.

To those of us advocating Animal Rights the connection to animals being hunted in nature was very clear. Humans were getting a taste of what deers experience in hunting season. in time every one soon forgot. The snipers were caught and the news cycle moved on.

Recently the case of Micheal Vick has enraged the public to the horrible and violent conditions the football quarterback was putting pit bulls through. Animal advocates have done a good job of pointing out that that Michael Vick's behavior is no different and maybe even humane compared to the actions perpetrated by your consumer dollars when you buy or consume Meat,Dairy and Eggs.

To be be outraged at Vick's behavior but have a burger for dinner the same night is indeed hypocritical.

So now the latest less obvious one. The murder of Yale student Annie Le. My heart goes out to her family and the man that would have been her husband. It's a horrible and brutal crime, It should never have happened.

That being said she was studying to enter a field which we have great disdain for - The vivisectionist. The reasons why I find Vivisectionists to be disgusting examples of humanity has in part to do with their education. People of science who should know better, yet in labs around the world animal endure torture some times under the excuse that their use will find cures to human disease. The Science for that is not the best, A group PCRM (physicians committee for responsible medicine) would be a better source for information on that than me. Vivisection has more to do with a system of profit than real science the more you look into it, but that is another discussion.

The man who murdered her worked in the lab all day which ran animal experimentation. That was his job. I have not seen the mainstream media talk about his role with the animals in the lab and how this may has desensitized him to the treatment of those living beings. We know that many Serial killers like Dahmer and Ed Gein started with animals when they felt the need to graduate to human victims.

Vivisection is cruel, inhumane and what ever advances science make it doesn't justify the cost. The nation has been shocked and outraged by the murder that took place in the lab at Yale. It's bad the media will never mention or side step around the truth...murder and torture happens every day in that lab. The nation has only noticed because for the victim who was murder and stuffed in closet was a human. The victims of vivisection are often are closet biological cousins they are hidden in high security research facilities, but it is no less brutal or tragic than being hidden in a closet.

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