Friday, September 11, 2009

Cody Goodfellow to release a short story collection!

Some of my biggest geekgasms have been things like "Zang Yimou has just started filming a Martial arts fantasy starring Jet Li and Donnie Yen," Or "the director of Memento to reboot batman films," Or "Lucas to return to the directors chair to complete Star Wars Saga!" OK the last one is a bad example. Anyways I can't tell you how excited I am by the idea of a Cody Goodfellow short story collection. Cody is a horror/ Lovecraftian / Dark Science fiction author who is wise beyond his bibliography. Haven't read his novels Radiant Dawn or Ravenous Dusk? They are top notch modern Lovecraftian influenced horror that has won praise across the underground.

Good enough to get his a gig as splatterpunk legend John Skipp's new partner(they released spalt fest called Jake's wake) with more to come. Here is what Cody's site said about his short story collection....


The first collection of short horror fiction from Cody Goodfellow will be released by Swallowdown Press, an alleged division of Eraserhead Enterprises. Originally planned and advertised as a Perilous Press release, SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS was snatched away from narcoleptic Perilous editors in a brief but fierce bidding war, which Swallowdown CEO Jeremy Robert Johnson won handily after tendering "a lot of crazy promises."

The collection will include “Burning Names” (Cemetery Dance #51), “A Drop Of Ruby (Third Alternative #41) and “Magna Mater” (Hot Blood XIII: Dark Passions), and Johnson “totally swears” it will be available this October in a trade paperback edition with cover art by Alan Clark.

Check Cody out here:

Updated: Talked to Mister JR Johnson at the bizarro bunker house warming party, and he said that he and Cody have not one, but two collections pulled together and almost ready. Silent weapons will be ready for Bizarro con here in Portland. He also said Cody is near to a deal to to bring his long dormant bat shit crazy sounding sci-fi bizarro haunted house horror novel "A Perfect Union," into print finally. That is still rumor phase. I mention it here in hopes that it comes true soon.

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