Sunday, February 1, 2009

PDX is for BSG geeks

Portland is a great place to be a BSG geek.

So living in Portland is not perfect, riding the bus is always an adventure because the level of insane methheads that Trimet transports around the area is pretty nuts. It’s one of the reasons why people in Portland ride bikes everywhere even when it’s raining biblical style outside. I digress.

As vegan I have written at length about what a great place this city is to live in, and yes that is true. As a horror geek this is great place thanks to the HP Lovecraft film, as a metal geek we have metal night at the old school arcade ground control. We have cheap seat $3 theaters all over the city. Our theaters play classic movies on the big screen weekly.

One of them is the Baghdad Theater. Historic beautiful theater with a full balcony, yes it’s the one that Chuck Palahniuk wrote about being haunted in fugitives and refugees. Awesome theater. They have provided my inner geek with yet another reason to love living in Portland.

The Baghdad is running the last 10 episodes live on the big screen for free every Friday until it ends. Last Friday’s episode included a Q and A with the writer of the episode. Battlestar with a screaming crowd of over 1,000 dedicated geeks is fracking rad. Hearing the whole crowd yell “So say we all!” tickled my inner geek.

And wow the last episode of Battlestar was amazing. They are really kicking ass as we get to the end.


Jess Gulbranson said...

Saw you on the front page of the living section, you big geek, ha!

David Agranoff said...

Oh yeah I need to find that!