Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Earth Crisis track up!

The first song to be released off of the Earth Crisis Reunion album "To the death" is up on their myspace. www.myspace.com/earthcrisis

Here is what Scott had to say...

"That's right, come over to the page and check out the new song To Ashes! In case you aren't aware the new record is called To The Death, and will be released in Europe on 4/20/09 and in North America on 5/5/2009. Also we have a new page design, a few new youtube videos, and some banners.
Thanks to FXV Digital for the myspace layout!

Here's some updates on what's been going on lately. We shot a video for To Ashes with David Brodsky. It's in the editing stages right now and hopefully we'll have something to show everyone soon. Paul Romano is working diligently on the layout for our new record and you can see some of the images in the new myspace design. We've been doing a bunch of interviews. Terrorizer has 2 features on us this month and keep an eye out for a feature in Decibel. That's it for now, we hope you like the new tune.
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