Sunday, February 15, 2009

Karl Earth Crisis has a new side project

The first song is pretty good and has a killer breakdown. The second song I'm not to into until Karl starts doing his thing. This band also features members of Sworn Enemy who Earth crisis toured with last year.

Well I'm talking Karl and Sworn Enemy Those of you reading Europe make sure to check Freya while they are in your part of the world, they are doing a crazy long tour that lasts through April I think.

Stayed tuned EXC fans, new album is coming in April so we should check new tracks soon I hope. Also I have been asked to write some pieces about Earth Crisis for a blog called XstuckinthepastX which if you care about Straight Edge hardcore you should read. I know a good number of the peeps who read my blog don't care about that stuff, so stay tuned for some cool book reviews coming up too.

Just about to finish John Shirley's Black Glass and it's a killer novel.


handsomened said...

eXc forever! Hey, I was going to send you an email but your address on your webpage didn't work. Do you have a different one?

David Agranoff said...