Friday, February 13, 2009

In the newspaper for being a total geek

I'm the third one going right to left. Randall is the one whose face is all fuzzed out. It must mean he is possessed by satan, or seitan.

More BSG tonight. It's all coming to a head!

Read the article here:


KimmoPT said...

Being a multi-dimensional person with a lot of different interests gets you to places, I guess :)
Talking about getting pictured there are far more worse places to show up at: My old swedish teacher told us that he was once out at the city center and he went to see closer to this place where there was this croud of people gathered...anyways, turns out it was a neo-nazi gathering and there was also photographer from a local newspaper and that dude ended up being on the picture with the nazis...he said that he did get a lot of questions after that from people close to about being at a really wrong place at the really wrong time :D

David Agranoff said...

Ha-ha. That is funny. No I'm not ashamed dude. So say we all!

KimmoPT said...

Nor you should be! Sci-fi rules.
Or I am just another geek :)