Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slaypultura set list!

Slaypultura set list

So on April fools day Slayer and Anthrax posted a thing on their websites saying that they were combining to become Slaythrax. While joking about with some friends we joked about many bands combining like Megatera, which we all agreed sounded like a Japanese Kajiu monster. Our favorite however was Slaypultura who we all agreed should exist. Here is my proposed set list. I do this in the hopes that some talented bored metal heads take this idea and run with it. ( note there is nothing after Seasons in the abyss or Chaos AD, but this is my set list.) Opener:


Angel of death

Desperate cries Jesus saves- Altar of Sacrifice

Chaos AD

Black Magic

Mass hypnosis

War ensemble

Dead embryonic cells

South of heaven

Beneath the remains

Chemical Warfare

Inner self

Reign in Blood

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