Friday, April 19, 2013

Film Review: Wu dang

Wudang Film review Starring Vincent Zhao (Tsui Hark’s the Blade) Wudang is an interesting kungfu movie. It had an Indiana Jones feel to it in plot and period setting. At times if felt like a dumb but entertaining action movie, but it was so beautifully designed and filmed at moments it felt like an arthouse Wuxia movie. Either way way it is fun action movie with great fights directed by Jet Li’s long time fight director Corey Yuen (most well know to American audiences for directing the Transporter).

The story is set in the thirties as treasure hunter looks for seven treasures hidden on the legendary Wudang Mountain. He needs these treasures because one of them, has the ability to cure his young daughter who is dying from a incurable disease. In one of the weirdest plot points ever the treasure hunter has his sick daughter compete in a martial arts tournament as a distraction while he sneeks the treasure.

So it is not the best written movie but it looks beautiful. The best fight scenes happen from about the 45 minute mark until an hour in. There is a Tai-chi sword fight that really is filmed beautifully. The locations are filmed with such elegance that it also helps the movie be more watch-able.

Vincent Zhao is pretty good, not sure what he lacks in screen charisma as Tsui Hark picked him to replace Jet Li in the Once Upon a time in China movies and he has never caught on with audiences. He was great in Hark dark remake of the One Armed Swordsman called “The Blade.”

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