Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Film Review: Punch Lady

This 2007 Korean film is a strange bird. It is a action-Drama-black comedy and probably it’s strongest selling point is this is a movie that would NEVER be made in Hollywood. Written and Directed by Hyo-jin Kang who acted in the Korean action comedy My wife is Gangster is also rare because it is directed by a woman. I watch a lot of Korean cinema and I don’t remember seeing a movie directed by woman before.

It is the story of a Woman who is a victim of brutal domestic violence by her moron husband who is a professional kickboxer. Shortly after she and their daughter leave the abuse, the husband ‘accidently’ kills another fighter whom the wife had a relationship in the past. In front of a live audience she challenges her husband to a fight in the ring. She has three months to train.

The comedy is found mostly in the training and the build up to the fight. There are some really funny moments. The ending which you expect to have a typical sports/ competition movie ending subverts that a little. In the end the movie explores the idea of what would happen if domestic violence was dragged out into the light. Worth seeing if you’re a fan of Korean cinema

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