Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Apocalpse Reader

A month or so ago Cari and I went to see local Author Jemiah Jefferson read from her new Cyberpunk web novel First world. She did an excellent reading, from talking to Jemiah at events around town I was already sold on the project but her reading was quite good. You can read the novel for free online, and vote on the direction of the remaining chapters.

Here and this address:

There was another author reading that night who has a book out with the same publisher. Brian Evenson, who I had not heard and now I feel bad for having missed him. I saw him before the reading looking at Thomas Liggoti books which is a fanstastic sign.

He read from his book Last Days, and I was sold. A couple days ago i looked him up at the library and I found short story collection which I put on hold and I am waiting for, and an anthology that he has a short story in called The Apocalpse Reader.

I started reading the AR and I have to say this is a must read for fans of dystopias, end of the world fiction or dark fiction in general. It features HP Lovecraft, Ursala K Leguin,Michael Moorcock, HG Wells and many more.

Evenson's story about a post apoc midwestern cannibal man mistaken for Jesus is a stand out but It is alot of the classics that really make this a must read. HG Wells's story "The star" written in 18th century about stray planet coming the earth way is an amazing read.

Most powerful to me was a story written in 1844 called the Earth Holocaust by Nathaniel Hawthrone. Gotta read it.


Jess Gulbranson said...

Yeah, I remember "Earth's Holocaust" as being pretty badass. But then again, Hawthorne kind of was. "Minister's Black Veil"? Fuck yeah! "Ethan Brand"? Damn, finish that shit, Nate!

David Agranoff said...

It was one of my favorites in the book.