Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Clive Barker review and Hellraiser remakes news

The Adventures of Maximillian Bacchus by Clive Barker
Bad Moon books 90 pages

In reviewing or discussing this novella it's important to get out of the way what it is. This short book is a treat for Clive Barker fans. Written when he was a teenager and only slightly edited this little book shows that the young unknown brit had fantasy chops at a young age. It is far from a master work but it is important piece for those interested in learning from the development of this master...

Full review will be up on Monster Libraian next week...

Oh yeah Clive Barker on the new Hellraiser...

"It's being written and directed by two Frenchmen. They actually made a very good movie called À L'Intérieur, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Bob Weinstein hooked them up with me. They're going to remake it - and radically re-design it.
"I am, [OK with that], Andrew. I look at it this way: the film that Clive made is the film that Clive made. I made it my way, and it wouldn't make sense to try to remake it. So what they've done is take the basic elements and reconfigured it in a way that makes a lot of sense - and they have a lot more money. I had $900,000 and 23 days to film it, and was paid the morbid sum of $21,000 to write and direct it."
Clive Barker: Raising Hell
By Andrew Davis, Windy City Times, 9 January 2008 (note - full text available online at"

"My understanding there is that I will receive a treatment for a script from the director – who made a wonderful movie called The Martyrs, a French picture – and I’m supposed to receive that, I think today, actually, and then we’re going to have a conversation and, all things being equal, he will then go away and write the script and I will executive produce the movie and he will direct."
Pod of Horror #52
By Mark Justice, Pod of Horror, March 2009 (note: full podcast online at

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