Friday, December 30, 2016

My Top Ten Movies of the Year!

Best movies of 2016


Oliver Stone helped me to understand what a hero Edward Snowden is. Excellent film.

Train to Busan

So yeah, it is not perfect a little long. But this is a totally gonzo Zombie film that looks good and uses it’s limited setting to great effect.

10 Cloverfield Lane

OK I admit the second half is not nearly as good as the first half but I loved the first hour.

Star Trek Beyond

I don’t think you need a trailer. It was the first modern trek film that felt like ST to me. I loved the Yorktown colony. The movie looked amazing. I had fun. Plot holes? Sure but compared to the last two? Arrival

Intelligent emotionally powerful Science Fiction. The message, the story, the visuals. All of it near perfect.


Jeff Nichols has a career full of 5 star movies for me. Loving is probably his best film and I would be surprised if it doesn’t acting Oscar nods. It is probably a better movie than Midnight Special which he also directed. Tense true love story not about romance but about a marriage.

Nice Guys

I would watch Shane Black written anything. Not as good as his first film as director Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but awesome dialogue. Laughed throughout.

Rogue One:

Star Wars movie with Forrest Whittaker and Donnie Yen.

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

The most powerful experience I had in the theater was during the Horrible Imaginings Film Fest. Perfectly shot, acted and composed this short film is powerful. Brutal stuff and left me stunned.

Number 1: Midnight special My favorite movie of the year easy, while you could argue that it was not even the best film director Jeff Nichols made this year, it worked for me. I loved that it paid homage to Starman and Close encounters but pay close attention and you would notice this is not a first contact movie. Might have had 2 extra minutes tacked on the end but I loved it over all.

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