Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Book Review: States of Terror Vol.3

States of Terror: Volume 3

Edited by Matt E. Lewis , Keith McCleary

Paperback, 150 pages

Published October 31st 2016 by Ayahuasca Publishing

Bloody Mary. The Donkey Lady. Goatman. Champ. These names and others are whispered across generations as warnings of evil manifestations which dwell on American soil. Some are beautiful and misunderstood, others are nightmarish and unspeakable. Despite their differences, they share one thing in common: they are all part of the shared tapestry of terror which winds its way through time and space, but stays forever rooted in the landscape of the United States.

In this chilling conclusion of the horror anthology trilogy, 17 writers and 28 artists have teamed up to unleash the final beasts of the union upon an unsuspecting population. From the humid swamps of South Carolina to the dark forests of Hawaii, prepare yourself for one last journey through the states of terror, and whatever lurks within them.

This finishes off a trilogy of anthologies that San Diego can be really very proud of. Not only are the stories of high quality but these are amazing journal style over sized books that just look straight cool. Filled with amazing art these books should really be in contention in award season. I know that sounds like hyperbole but let me state my case I hope you'll make sure to check them out.

Each story represents a different state and a urban legend/ monster that comes from that state. Over three books each state and DC was well represented. Each story comes with amazing art. My favorite was by Daniel Kern and it went with the DC story Below 1600, the drawing was very haunting.

Some of my favorite stories were Below 1600 by Lauren Becker, Tropical Paradise Lost by Gabino Iglesias, and Son of Goat Man by Andrea Kneeland. The quality of the stories vary and I would admit that a few of the shorter pieces feel a bit mailed in. That said what separates this anthology is the whole package. The amazing design top to bottom is really impressive. The level of research into the mythology is another thing that help separate this book.

If there is a weakness a few of the more well known authors seemed to turn super short stories. I would love to have read more Bradley Sands. More J.David Osbourne. That is partly because I am fans of them as writers and people. Overall these books are really special. Excellent examples of hard work and determination for the editors. Obvious labors of love these books wont bring in bank they are something really special you can put on your shelf. I suggest you collect all three.

The level of research, detail, art and the cool design is enough to make these books award worthy. Horror readers will not regret picking it up.

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