Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book Review: the Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant

The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant

***** 279 pages Gotham

As a militant vegan, and a total NFL dork I was over do for reading this book. Lost dogs is not the story of Michael Vick and dog fighting, but the story of the dogs who survived his dog fighting operation. For animal lovers this book will enrage, and enrich.

It gives the background on the case, which I feel I should have so I am more justified when I clap for every bone jarring sack Vick behind the piss O-line in Philly. Some things I didn’t know. Vick wasn’t very good at breeding and fighting dogs, this ended up being a bad thing for the dogs. That is why he and his friends murdered several dogs. Some were beaten to death and one was even electrocuted.

Vick likes to tell the media that he was only found guilty of transporting across state lines. Don’t believe it. Lost Dogs tells the story of the caring and dedicated rescue groups and foster families who worked with the dogs to bring them back to health, and made them apart of their families.

The stories are tear jerkers and heart-warming. They sounded familiar to me, since my wife and I do Rabbit rescue and have fostered many animals over the years. If you like the dogs, or don’t understand the role that foster families provide for rescued animals then you need to check this out.

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