Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review: All the Rage (Repairman Jack #4)

All the Rage (Repairman Jack #4)

**** 512 pages Tor

Book four in the Repairman Jack series. I am not going to explain the series as I have already done. I am going to assume that if you are interested in book four, then you already know the basics of the first three. Or that you should start there.

Jack is back, and this time he has been hired by another doctor worried that her boss at a big pharma company is having trouble with a well-known brutal Serbian crime lord. Jack has problems of his own, at an art opening his girlfriend Gia and daughter Vicky are almost killed by crazed members of the audience. “The preppy riot” becomes a mystery as the crazed people don’t remember the assault.

Of course these plots come together, That is what Wilson is a master at. Once Jack looks into the case he discovers that the doctor is involved in creating a drug that creates an uncontrolled raged. What is secret behind this rage and how does it relate to incident in Jack’s past?

The webs of story spread between two series and come into play here in the long island city of Monroe (see the touch, conspiracies) and even more impressive is the connection to Freak Show ( a multi-author anthology edited by Wilson). In this case Wilson even ties in characters created by other authors in Freak show into his Secret history of the world saga.

Wilson has created a vast universe that weaves in and out of these novels making Reapirman Jack the most ambitious multi-book series I have ever read. Great entry in the series.

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