Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review: The Ghost Way by Lance Smith

The Ghost Way
As Told by EOT and Jak Ramankajia
Translated and adapted by Kung Ramankajia
Written by Lance Smith
Self-published(I think no publisher is listed on the book)
108 pages

This is a self published book and frankly, that is the only reason it ended up in my hands. In all the years I have been doing reviews for my blog, and Monster Librarian this is the single worst book I have received. When I read the description that author sent my editor it sounded like a Thai version of the Amityville horror. The first suggestion I have to the author (and I am very confused to know just who that is) read that classic before working on another edition.

This is simply an awful book, it was a painful slog for me. I feel bad saying it, but I have to be honest, I would love to say this is a self published DIY gem that deserves to transcend amazon self publishing(they exist) but I can’t. Based a true story according to the book of a haunted farm house in Thailand would make an intense campfire experience but you can’t just transcribe someone talking and expect it to turn into a readable book. According to the credits it appears that a family friend and former Roger Corman screenwriter was brought on to write the novel of Ramankajia family experience.

I see no sign of thought out structure, narrative pacing or attempts at stylized prose. It reads like a hundred pages of storytelling transcription. Little to no Character depth, and absolutely nothing stuck in my memory. No library or collection needs this book except Ramankajia family library. I know it sounds harsh but if I was the author I would take it out of print and work on a second edition. The only reason I read past page 5 is because I had to. This is not a Thai flavored Amityville Horror, too bad because it could have been and that would have been cool.

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