Friday, August 6, 2010

New Skipp and Goodfellow in december, and new Cody reading up!

Check the extremely creepy cover to the new John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow Marvel Team-up. Here is what I know, it involves thanksgiving and zombies. and it's due to be released on amazon on Nov.23rd, So my suggestion is pre-order this book and Skipp the ritual slaughter of the innocent Turkey. Ok my worst pun ever.

I wasn't a picture fan of the cover art at first but once I pictured holding it on the bus and random people looking at it. I liked it more. Bottom line it's a good year for original zombie novels, between Spore,Praise the Dead by Gina Ranalli and my Vegan Revolution with Zombies things are coming to together for zombie Autumn. Each are trying to breath a fresh voices to the sub-genre.

There is a new podcast of Cody reading his very strange gonzo sci-fi horror tale Atwater which also appeared in his collection Silent Weapons for Quiet wars.

Cody says:

Transmissions From Beyond features my reading of Atwater from Black Static #4. Thrill to new audio dimensions of shock ("what the hell is he sucking on?"), repulsion ("are there crickets in his pants?") and suspense ("when will that dog stop barking in the background?")

It's a great reading download and listen to it on commute to work.

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