Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking for Vegans to be on panels during Try Vegan Week!

We need experienced Vegans to be on panels for
Sunday Aug.15th:
1: PM: Veganize your kitchen (panel discussion)
Confirmed so far: Cari Beltane of Rabbit advocates,

3pm: Replace and veganize your favorite foods (panel discussion) looking for vegan food bloggers
Confirmed so far: Carly Sitner of the Profound Hatred of Meat blog, Jess of Get sconed,

Aug 19th:
Thursday night 7:30 Washington high park across from the mini-mall.
7:30 PM Vegan parenting (panel discussion)
Confirmed so far:

8:30 PM: Get active panel (Would like organizers with NW veg/IDA/ Let live/ Radical cheerleaders/TVPDX)
Confirmed so far: NW Veg, Try Vegan,

Aug 21st
Noon: Veganism beyond diet (Panel dissucssion @ extending Vegan ethic beyond just food)
Confirmed so far: David Agranoff of Try Vegan PDX


Matsya Siosal said...

What exactly is involved in being on one of the panels?

David Agranoff said...

Very casual, Experienced vegan veteran who can explain in 101 style new vegans everything they need to know on the subject. less pressure with four people.

MikeyLife said...

I can be on the "How to be Awesome" panel for sure. And others, if needed. But I will be presenting my opinion for the "Being Awesome" perspective, which works (since veganism is awesome).

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