Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: Blood Spring by Erik Williams

Blood Spring by Erick Williams
111 pages
Bad Moon Books

I am going to try to avoid the political stuff in this review, Bad Moon as press is run by a man named Roy who seems to have picked a bit of a fight with my publisher Eraserhead press. At some point I would to address some of the critical statements that Roy at Bad Moon has made about us. At this point I would like address some of the things he has done right. The 100 page novellas Bad Moon are releasing are quite good. The Day Before by Skipp and Goodfellow, Jade by Gene O'Neil have already seen reviews on this blog. The 100 or so pages are perfect for a plane trip, or a couple morning bus commutes. The only problem is Bad Moon charges $18.95 for the books. Seems a bit expensive for 111 pages no matter how good it is.

None of that has to do with Erick Williams the author of Blood Spring. This is a hell of an introduction to an author, I was super impressed the amount story, characterization and general suspense that Williams packed in the short amount of pages.

Blood Spring is the story of a Florida couple Henry and Claire. After a failed attempt to start a family Clare turns her nurturing towards a deer named brownie who they they found hit by a car. After nursing the deer back to health it's time to release the deer back into the woods. They mean well but when they stray from the trail getting lost is only the first problem.

Once in the woods we are introduced to a backwoods family that has an agenda that this surburban family are perfect to fill. Williams does a great job with the characters who are rich in human details, this provides an emotional center that drives the suspense. Even the side characters like the sheriff who is Henry and Clarie's neighbor and the family stalking them in the woods are well written and believable. I went in blind and I think the less story you know the better. Trust me it is good.

Score another fine release for Bad Moon books, Williams has sold me I will follow him to his next book as I can tell he is a gifted story teller who thankfully for us enjoys scaring the shit out of people. Libraries add this to your collection, you'll be remembered for being ahead of the curve.

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