Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New horror magazines out!

Cemetery Dance #62 and Dark Discoveries #15

I just got new issues of the two best horror magazines around. CD I picked up at Powells and Dark Discoveries I subscribe to. If you are into horror fiction both are must reads.

Cemetery dance has not changed much in the 25 issues I have read but they are always quality. Book reviews and the usual columns. Bev Vincent does his Stephen King reporting, movie reviews by Michael Marano and few newer columns have found there way in. Like a final question that is posed to several horror figures on the last page.

This is the special William Peter Blatty(author of the Exorcist) issue and one of the best features of the magazine is the excellent interview of Blatty by my fellow Monster Librarian book reviewer Brian Freeman. Blatty also gave CD Two scenes lost from the screenplays of Exorcist I and III. A very old werewolf story he wrote long ago.

Fiction wise this issue features my favorite Cody Goodfellow story Wasted on the Young. It is a great punk rock horror tale. Also part two of a serialized novella by Douglas Clegg and two stories by Rambo creator David Morrell.

Pick it up you will not regret it.

Dark discoveries #15 is out as well. It's their HP Lovecraft special issue. Editors James Beach and Jason V. Brock didn't over do the Lovecraft worship. Wisely they focused on the modern genre influenced by Lovecraft. The full color look of the magazine gets better all the time. The wasted space of the early issues of DD is gone. The content cover to cover is outstanding.

The highlights for me are the interview with Necroscope creator Brian Lumley and a new deep sea Lovecraftian tale of remote viewing by Cody Goodfellow. Yes it's a good month when one of my absolute favorite authors is in both of the major horror fiction magazines. I also enjoyed the mythos tale by William Pugmire and the classic reprint of a Lovecraft tale finished after his death by Lumley.

An interesting pieces of non-fiction with out a single stinker. The most interesting is a two page profile of Alien screenwriter Dan O'Bannon who claims to be working a translation of a real life Necronomicon.

This issue should not be missed, this magazine gets better each issue, pick it up and find out why I got a subscription.


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