Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stand Alone: My old Skinhead hardcore band.

18 years ago I was in a skinhead hardcore band called Stand Alone. For four teenagers in Indiana who loved Sick of it all and Agnostic Front we were not too bad. Anyways here is a scan of an “article” in Filling the void. FTV was a sXe zine from Lafayette Indiana in 1990. The kids from the band Advance did one issue of it. Some how I still have a copy. Check it will make you laugh.
My old Skinhead hardcore band.

The one of just me is from the show we played with Advance in Lafayette. The one of the whole band was a basement show in Carbondale Illinois. That show was with the bloomington band With Authority.

In the article it says I was replaced. I had gone away for school and Luther Blanton took over and they changed drummers. The band became Dead Center. They did a demo, which is not too bad for what it was. The funny part is Luther and I a few years later would start a Vegan straight edge band Warcry. I sang for Warcry at the first couple practices but when I sarted getting into hardline the band decided to kick me out. no hard feelings. Luther when on to replace me again on vocals.

Jack joined the marines and according to a myspace search I did he is still a skin and played guitar in american Oi band Patriot. Huh. Ryan the drummer moved Jamica last I heard and I have no Idea what happened to Nate. He was really into snowboarding.


Malik said...

wow, that is the part of your history i wasn't aware of.

would be cool to listen to this, skinhead dave, so if you can find it somewhere hook us up.


David Agranoff said...

Not likely I had tape recorded at our lafayette show it was terrible sound quality.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

I tried to e-mail you, but it gets returned.

No fun.

It IS good to see an Earth Crisis reunion, though. New album and re-master of Breed the Killers.

lex said...

Jack also played in Chapel Hill, NC, hardcore outfit Done Deal.

Ryan now lives in Las Vegas.

Ron said...

Hey, David.. This is Rono for With Authority glad to see you are doing good...I'm rtying to get in touch with Dave Tate....

Beatriz said...

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Tony L.E.S. NYC said...

I came across this blog, which by chance is run by my old friend XXX Dave. This band that he is talking about is the band that formed from my old band Drastic Change. Nate Young played bass, Ryan Antilla guitar, me on drums, and Jereme Fox on vocals. We later added Jack as a second guitarist. Jack was already a skin at this time, but Nate and Ryan were not. They soon became skins and soon after they left the band DC, to start a skinhead band, which later had Dave singing for them called Stand Alone. I started Drastic Change with a friend of mine from school named Jeff Hiatt, he played bass, and we soon recruited Jereme Fox to sing. This was a very early form of the band, since we had no guitar player. Nate was a friend of ours who was going to play guitar, but couldn't do it. This caused a problem now because he wanted to be in the band and he now wanted to play bass, so we kicked out Jeff, which I felt bad about. Ryan was younger than the rest of us by 2-3 years, but he could still play guitar and he owned a full drum set, which I did not have at the time, so now Ryan was in the band and I used his drums for a few months until I got my own full set. We recorded some songs and played some shows, but like I said earlier Drastic Change disbanded because we now had more skins in the band than Hardcore/Punks in the band. Unfortunately, Nate died a number of years ago, he hung himself in a jail cell.