Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Food Fight 5th B-day party pictures

Food fight is a Portland based all vegan grocery store located at the Portland Vegan mini-mall. The store is awesome, picture a 7-11 run by super militant vegans. So they had a fifth birthday party last weekend. Food eating contests, a vegan mexican food truck, a velcro wall, karokee and lots of crusties.

They are awesome so go to there website and send someone you love a care package.

Photo 1: the Lettuce eating contest, they had to slam a cup of coffee first. Brutal.

Photo 2: Yes that man stuffed a whole head of lettuce in his mouth and ate in like three maybe four minutes.

Photo 3: This is super funny look the abuser in the photo.

Photo 4: The woman from the los groditoes Mexican food truck (who is opening an all vegan truck soon!)won the pie eating contest. 4 pies.


ryanscottlove said...

Dude! I know the third guy in from the left.... The secret to this competition would be a blender...

David Agranoff said...

Yeah that dude is from Indiana, he works at the Bye and Bye here. That is the vegan bar here coowner by a former memphis hardline kid.

I know :)