Saturday, February 16, 2008

V Returns!

While apparently It is a great time for my favorite things to return. Rambo,new Earth Crisis album, and now V. Perhaps my favorite entertainment of my childhood was V the mini-series. I also loved the sequel V:the Final Battle. While the sequel was not as good as the original which still holds up as a brilliant piece of political Science fiction and a great warning for the america in the aftermath of 9/11.

Any hoo Ken Johnson the creator of V never got to see his vision through, so setting aside the final battle as if it never happened(that will be hard for me to do)He has written his true sequel.

"I wanted to do was literally pick up the story 20 yrs later and see what had become of the people that we loved or the villains that we hated…and how the Earth had changed. It continues to be a metaphoric allegory piece that I hope people will get swept up in."

Check this cool Aint It Cool News interview with him.


Jose said...

I too - LOVED V as a kid

I ran into your blog searching for earth crisis reviews, and stayed for sci fi stuff.
check out my blog dave!
good to run into you online again

David Agranoff said...

Cool I bookmarked your blog Jose.

Vegan edge sci-fi geeks unite!