Friday, February 15, 2008

New Earth Crisis Album!

Crack open the sparkling apple cider time to celebrate! (Live pic is Path)'s "Metal File" recently spoke with EARTH CRISIS frontman Karl Buechner on the band's upcoming reunion tour with SWORN ENEMY, SHAI HULUD, TERROR, DOWN TO NOTHING and RECON, and he said the straightedge metalcore outfit will be recording new material. "We do plan on putting out a record," he confirmed. "We've got six songs so far, and hopefully, we'll record them this year. Hopefully, we'll be playing some of these news songs we've written [on the upcoming tour]." So how does the new stuff sound? "The best way to describe it is it's a mixture between [1995's] 'Destroying the Machines' and [1998's] 'Breed the Killers'," he said. "Stylistically, it's most like songs from those albums."

The new EARTH CRISIS effort will be in stores early next year, he added.

EARTH CRISIS is a straight-edge, vegan hardcore band from Syracuse, New York that recorded and performed from 1992 until 2001. EARTH CRISIS is famous for supporting animal rights (and the Animal Liberation Front) and promoting a healthy lifestyle, including a strict vegan diet and abstinence from alcohol and other stimulant substances. Their lyrics are full of strong statements of conviction against animal abuse and political issues. The band's message was to show an alternative way of life for a younger generation.

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