Friday, June 12, 2020

Star Trek Story Myth and Arc Podcast: Hardcore Vocalist Star Trek panel!

On this episode of Star Trek Story, Myth and Arcs a long and fun discussion about all things Trek with a very unique panel. Each of my guests was the lead vocalist in hardcore bands, the most intense offshoot of punk rock.  This show includes our Trek origins, favorite shows, movies, and Captains. We also debate the Trek movies, the first season of Picard, and much more.

Guests include:

Dan O’Mahony – vocalist of many classic bands like No for An Answer, Carry Nation, 411, Speak 714, Done Dying, and at the moment Shiner’s Club. Dan is also a great writer and he loves the Motion Picture and has the hottest takes of the panel.

Ryan Downey – vocalist of Hardball and Burn It Down.  A music and movie journalist Ryan hosts several podcasts including the Metallica podcast Speak and Destroy. Ryan is a total nerd for behind the scene facts.

Issa Diao – Vocalist of DC area sarcastic hardcore legends Good Clean Fun. Issa is also a writer and director and sees more movies in one year than most people do in their lifetime.

Tom 'Red' Ranger -  Vocalist of the Syracuse hardcore bands Eternal Youth and Attitude. Currently is fronting a band named Popular Music. He and Issa ould have a posi-off but Tom is one of my best friends and the first person I call after I see a new Trek or Star Wars movie.

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