Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm Co-Teaching a Class on Writing Horror Novels Aug.13th!

The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival presents a day-long workshop about the nuts and bolts of the horror novel writing process. If you are a screenwriter or non-genre novelist you can still learn a lot.

Click here for the syllabus:

Teachers include:

David Agranoff, Wonderland award nominated author of four novels and two short story collections.

Ryan C. Thomas is an award-winning journalist and editor living in San Diego, California. He is the author of 10 novels.

Bryan Killian, Author of "Welcome to Necropolis"

Classes include: Outlining and plotting your novel

Dialogue and economy of prose

Writing a novel by the seat of your pants.

Building terror and suspense on the page.

We are raising money for our out-of-town literature guests that include New York times bestselling author and filmmaker John Skipp, Horror Writers Association President - author and Screenwriter Lisa Morton, author / filmmaker Laura Lee Bahr and keynote speaker award winning author and professor- Brian Evenson.

The class is limited to twenty spaces, first come first serve to registration.

Why learn from these guys with more than 20 published horror novels combined you will get a variety of experiences and styles of teaching.

Praise for David Agranoff as teacher and a writer:

"David Agranoff is one of the most dedicated, professional authors I know, as well as being one of the most moral and disciplined people. I have workshopped and dialogued with him, and watched him do the same with so many others. He was a core member of a writing workshop we had going here in Portland for several years, and it was his ceaseless fascination with the craft above all else that made him stand out in group. He is a born teacher, and exhibits this behavior uniformly." - Edward Morris author of the Blackguard series.

"David Agranoff is one of, if not the most dedicated author I know. Having attended a few workshops across the globe, I can say with absolute certainty that his passion and his drive make him stand out as a teacher. My short fiction has improved leaps and bounds working with David. I would recommend him to both newcomers and those looking to hone their skills." -Ivan Zoric

"Having written with David for a solid two years now, I can say without any doubt that he is a well organized, forward thinking, plotting obsessed maniac and there is a lot to be learned from him." - Larry Hall (David's screenwriting partner)

David Agranoff is a razor sharp writer, a storyteller with a hard rock pacing, a magician of ideas, an adventurer in subcultures, an expert in underground music scenes--all of which is apparent in Amazing Punk Stories. But he's fundamentally something else. David Agranoff is an idealist in Hell." - John Shirley Cyberpunk legend from his introduction.

Ryan C. Thomas

"If you want to freak yourself out on your next camping trip, you can't do any better than The Summer I Died!"

"Ryan C. Thomas is not just a writer to watch, but one that has hit a stride most others at their own game should envy."

"Ryan C. Thomas builds and drives tension like a screaming dream in broad daylight!" Cody Goodfellow, author of A Perfect Union

Bryan Killian

"A Harrowing, terrifying story with equal amounts of heart and headshots. Bryan Killian's debut novel is a thrilling non-stop ultraviolent powerhouse of undead action." - Bestselling author Brian Keene.

The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is a nonprofit organization that showcases art and film that explores the darker or more macabre sides of the human condition. We promote and spotlight exemplary new artistic voices in what is commonly known as the horror genre. It is our mission to encourage an elevation of the genre through film discussion, question and answer sessions, panels, and other presentations, as well as educate and hopefully inspire future generations into the art of filmmaking.

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