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My Top Ten Radio Shows and Podcasts of 2015

My Top Ten Radio and Podcasts of 2015!

Before I do movies and books this year I had a top ten I wanted to do for the first time. I listen to a lot of radio/ podcasts while walking, commuting to work, cooking and various other stuff. I have varied interests so this list includes sports, entertainment and news. I listen to less music than early points in my life, and I admit I often have at least one headphone in listening to one of these shows.

10. The Horror Show with Brian Keene (podcast): Author Brian Keene and Co-host Dave Thomas talk about all things horror. They do good interviews with authors and filmmakers. I often like shows they hate but there is a lot of practical advice for writers.

9. The Nerdist Writer’s Panel (podcast): If you are a fan of the golden age of story-telling in television or enjoy discussions about creation of story, then this podcast is worth a listen. This podcast hosted by writer Ben Blacker has some of the best writers in Television. Many are straight interviews but most are recordings of panels from conferences. Q and A with Jeff Goldsmith is also great but less consistent with new episodes.

7-8. The Lightning round/ Bolt Talk (podcast) As a total nerd for all things Chargers listening to not one but multiple podcasts devoted to the team is weekly thing during the season. Bolt Talk hosted by Ray and Loren is great, with a community feeling to it. Some of the callers and Chat room commentors have been a part of the show forever. But if you want to break down the x’s and O’s really get nerdy with Chargers football Garrett and Jamie on Lighting Round is a must listen. Serious Chargers nerds should listen to both.

6.Serial(lNPR podcast) Yeah I got hooked like everyone else. Serial was based on a fascinating story, maintained mystery through out and didn’t provide answers. I loved it. Excited to dive into season 2.

5. WTF with Marc Maron(Podcast): OK sometimes he annoys me but Maron gets the best guests and does fantastic interviews with actors, writers, musicians, comedians and Presidents. What I like about the show is that MM often asks great questions about the process of creating his guest’s art.

4.The Ross Tucker Football (Podcast): My favorite nationally based football podcast, hosted by former Buffalo Bills lineman Ross Tucker. But it’s not just any Ross Tucker podcast… Never mind inside joke for loyal Tuck-heads. Ross always has a smart take on football and I like his personality, he makes me laugh. I am in my fifth year of following football through Ross, going back to his days on ESPN’s Football Today Podcast.

3.Dread Media (Podcast): Covering horror fiction, movies, and comics this podcast is a must list for me weekly, yes you read that right weekly. Desmond Reddick is a teacher, dad, writer and manages to put out this podcast pretty much every week. I have listened to a good amount of the over 500 episodes. It doesn’t hurt that he peppers the podcast with metal songs normally themed to watch the horror film reviewed. I have been a guest a few times on DM and consider important to keep up with the horror underground.

2. The Dave and Jeff Show (7-10am mornings am 1360 xtra sports)

For pure sports talk in San Diego I enjoy Dave and Jeff. They have been my morning commute since the day they came back on the air. While Dave Palet has gained the nickname El diabol because he generally takes the negative opinion. These guys are likable, Jeff Dothseth is witty and makes me laugh a few times every morning. Let’s face it as a San Diego sports fan we need a good laugh. The best thing I can say about their show is they feel like friends, if no reason we take the piss out of each other on twitter.

I mean the station cut the show an hour earlier in the year and several fans rallied on twitter to get our hour of Dave and Jeff back.

1. Scott and BR (1090 AM San Diego weekdays 3-6 pm):
I have listened to this show since I lived in Portland and downloaded it as a podcast. I have admit I used to not be a huge fan of this show. Scott kaplan is a former NFL kicker and his sidekick is 80 era Charger linebacker Billy Ray Smith. They were off the station for awhile after Kaplan made offensive comments on air. As pure sports talk the show is OK. The news updates come from the underrated presence of Linda Whelmby. The three of them have a great interplay and dynamic that often makes me laugh, but in a normal sports talk year they wouldn’t make my list.

So why is Scott and BR my favorite listen of the year? Faced with possibility of the Chargers leaving San Diego, the show has become something else. For three hours a day the Scott and BR show has become a part of the story in San Diego. Scott Kaplan has become a warrior fighting for San Diego and the fans. The musical chairs in the LA stadium battle has become a crazy house of cards style battle with this show becoming ground zero.

Much more than sports radio, at times the show has become community activism and the voice of a frustrated fan base in the worst Chargers season ever. Award worthy it has become a next level experience.

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