Friday, September 25, 2015

Meet Weddle of the Goddamn Killing Machines (Pre-order now!)

Meet Weddle of the Killing Machines:

Weddle (30) Origin is a source of debate. A feral kid arrested in the Utah wilds he washed out of the U.N. Speecial forces for breaking the jaw of a superior. Small but lightining quick on his feet. He has grow into his role as a team player. Jarvis says: His strength is fearlessness and sheer insanity. He was always dangerous, but unpredictable since he found god.

Favorite weapon: Anything that kills

Code Name: Dubs AKA Live Wire

Wanted:War Crimes, Assault and Battery, Extreme torture, and seventy-three counts of Murder..

Goddamn Killing Machines

A 210-page science-fiction book

What would you do if you were given the chance to wash away your sins? What if all you had to do was go on a near-impossible mission across space and time, and your only other option was being executed along with everyone you hold dear?

Nick Jarvis faces this dilemma. He is a mercenary wanted for war crimes in every corner of our solar system. His name strikes fear even in those who are paid to be fearless. His team, known across the colony worlds as the Goddamn Killing Machines, has been captured and is set to face trial throughout the solar system. The mission sounds simple enough: track down and capture the one free member of their team. The catch? He’s the only merc more feared than Jarvis himself, and he is hiding on a would-be colony world whose very eco-system is hostile to human life.

When they arrive on the alien world, the cruel truth is revealed. Jarvis and his squad have been duped into a journey that lasted hundreds of years, not the weeks they were promised. And still, a darker truth remains unrevealed. What is their real mission? Who is the real target? Who are the real killing machines? This cliché-busting military sci-fi story is action packed, but also has the character development and atmosphere necessary to create a thick sense of paranoia. In short, Goddamn Killing Machines is a 1980s action movie filtered through the lenses of Phillip K. Dick and John Shirley influence.

Why Pre-order Goddamn Killing Machines here:' 'Goddamn Killing Machines' is available for pre-order through the above link. When you sign up for InkShares, you automatically get 5 bucks credit, making the pre-order only 4.99 (or, like, $25 bucks for the multiple copies, name in the back package). When many have created an account, They got ANOTHER 5 bucks somehow. Essentially just got this book for free (maybe it's 5 free credits for signing up, and 5 free credits for subscribing to the newsletter or something)...all I know is that I still have one whole penny left after pre-ordering! So please take a moment to support this project! It'll only be an e-book when 750 people order, and won't be hard copy unless 900+ more people order. That's probably gonna be tough, but I think we can do it! " I would add we may only need two hundread or so pre-orders to win the nerdist contest. ‪#‎jointhekillingmachines‬ So please help me out with this project. Here is a 20 minute conversation about GKM. The first few minutes is a explanation of the Nerdist contest and how Inkshares work.

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