Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Review: The Last Horror Novel In The History Of The World by Brian Allen Car

The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World

by Brian Allen Carr

Paperback, 125 pages

Published May 2014 by Lazy Fascist Press

I read two Lazy Fascist books in a row. I am pretty excited about that. Cameron Pierce (also a fantastic author besides being a publisher) who started LF press is a smart man with good taste so a press that was once described to me "Stuff Cameron likes" always sounds great.

Now the title might be a little bit of a joke considering that it could hardly be considered more than a novella. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of short novels, lets all for a moment remember that Of Mice and Men is right around 100 pages after all. That said I don't know the word count here, but I think Clive Barker short stories in the Books of Blood might have higher word counts.

I'm not complaining this book is a work of genius that often has "chapters" that are a sentence or a paragraph. This is used to brilliant effect. The blank spaces on the page left me wondering what we were missing. In that sense it stimulated my brain in ways a traditional novel hardly ever does.

I laughed alot reading this novel which is some kinda of supernatural small town siege tale set against the interesting back drop of a small border town in Texas. Given the title I expected a satire, or a bizarro send up of horror novels but that wasn't the case. This is more like experimental horror that based on the strength of the strong prose is a really cool quick read. I read it in two sittings and I am glad I did.

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