Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: Darling by Brad C. Hodson

Darling by Brad C. Hodson

383 pages Bad Moon Books

Darling is a horror novel, it doesn't gross genre, or try to break any daring new ground but that's OK. At it's heart is a classic style horror novel. While the setting is modern it is the tone and creepy atmosphere has a great 80's horror novel feel. Similar to the kind of book you might have found in the Abyss line by dell books. I loved many novels in that line. Reading this novel is kinda like slipping on a favorite old shirt.

The story centers around Rayham Place an apartment building and land with a history of violence and death that goes back more than a century. It was the sight of a civil war battlefield before it became a Tuberculosis hospital. The setting might sound like old hat horror, but it is set up with style and unfolded perfectly in the plot. The story is set off when Dennis decides that his younger friend Mike needs to get away from his over bearing parents. They move into the Rayham place.

Once in the building, strange things are a foot. Behavior of of main characters change and the past of the building is slowly revealed.

Hodson has a strength for plotting, everything from the background of the building to the history between the main characters are carefully revealed to perfect effect. The other strength of this novel is the creepy tone, combined this makes for a perfect building of suspense that makes the whole thing work.

This is an excellent horror novel. Readers looking for a new voice telling classic style horror have a new author to check out.

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