Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Story review: Deth Pitt by Gina Ranalli

Deth Pitt by Gina Ranalli Kindle Single

So I don't normally write reviews of short stories, but Gina is selling this story as a kindle single. I jumped on it because I planned to read on a flight, single sitting and it is perfect for that.

This is a gonzo Sci-fi story set in a post alien-invasion near future. Humans are mostly turned into puppets with chips in their brains that make them docile. The main character has a stolen chip and idenity he smokes and drinks in hiding trying to fake that he is a drone.

The humans who resist are turned into contestants in a reality show that takes place with the people trying to escape a mass grave. There are amusing parts but what makes this story effective is how disgusting and disturbing the pitt is.

This is a cool sample of Gina's work but I found start with her amazing House of Fallen Trees which is just a wonderful horror novel. She also an absurdist satire Wall of Kiss or a crazy dystopia called Mother Puncher that I think are the place to go. I would start there, but make it to Deth Pitt eventually OK.

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