Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wuxia Film review: Six Assassins 1971 Shaw Brothers Classic!

Shaw Brothers Classic! Six Assassins

One year before he directed his masterpiece Five Fingers of Death (AKA King Boxer) Chang-hwa Jeong Directed this almost equally good Shaw brother produced more traditional Wuxia film. Six Assassins might seem like a Chinese take on the Japanese classic Eiichi Kudo’s early sixties classic The Thirteen Assassins, Shaw studios wouldn't be be above cutting seven assassins to save on the bottom line. After watching it I feel it has more in common with another Kudo film 11 Samurai. It does however have several influences from both. This is a neat old wirefu movie. Lots well staged moments not just in the fight scenes. There are two song numbers that remind me of the King Hu Classic "Come drink with me." at one hour and 19 minutes this is short but sweet movie. It has laugh out loud over the top deaths, great swordplay and cool lightness kungfu wire dance moments that make up for any weakness in plot. Chang-hwa Jeong is an above average Shaw brothers director, I could be wrong but I think he was Korean. I was going to post a trailer but hell I watched it on you tube. I'm going to pick this one up for my DVD collection.

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