Monday, July 8, 2013

Wuxia film review: The Assassins (2012) Chow yun Fat

The Assassins

I think this might be the 500th movie made in China based on the novel The Three Kingdoms.

This movie is worth seeing if you are a Chow Yun Fat fan. He is fantastic in this film. If you didn't like Curse of the Golden Flower however you might want to avoid this movie. It is similar in it's back story family royal palace melo-drama. I enjoyed it and some might consider it better paced than Curse, but I didn't see it that way. During the movie I found my thoughts straying to fantastic moments in Curse of the Golden Flower and thinking about how well that movie was composed and directed.

That said I liked this movie a lot. There were wonderful character moments and Chow Yun Fat was great. There is a scene about an hour in between Chow and his son in the movie that is so tense that I just loved it. Pretty good over all.

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