Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wuxia Pan Film review: Tai-chi Zero (plus trailer)

Tai Chi Zero film review

This is by far the most bizarro kungfu movie in many years. Part steampunk, part period action and all weird, with a horrible but amusing metal hip-hop hybrid soundtrack. The filmmakers didn’t really care about following action movie rules. For example there is a silent movie prologue that ends almost 20 minutes in before the opening credits which feel like they are in the middle of the movie. Through out all the film there are examples of strange but interesting moments.

The main character is named “the Freak.” And if I try to explain the plot you’ll see how weird it is. The Freak you see was born with a horn, if it gets hit it turns him into a wild kung fu zombie. This comes in handy when the town he goes to in an attempt to learn Tai Chi comes under attack. You see a group of developers are using a giant tank like steampunk-ish machine on tracks to scare the village out of the way to lay down a train line. Tai chi zombie horned hero to the rescue?

This is a great weird hong kong movie. Man I love it.

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