Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Review: Red Claw by Phillip Palmer

Red Claw by Phillip Palmer

Orbit books 451 pages

I have very mixed feelings on this book. A part of me really liked it. It is a bold novel in many ways. Seeming on some levels it seems to be a gonzo tongue in cheek version of Avatar. The text breaks lots of rules. First person journal entires with footnotes, Third person action, present tense, past tense…the writing style is kinda of a mess. A pretty and often inventive mess I was laughing often and entertained reading it.

The novel takes place on a hostile jungle world called New Amazon. The main characters are scientists and military types. One on the planet they discover a race of Godzillas one of whom they capture. There are killer robots and just about everything on New Amazon wants to kill humans.

At first I thought it was a beaituful mess, but towards the end of the novel I wasn’t laughing much. I was tired of the narrative crazy-ness. The novel started to feel long. In the end I felt this novel was not for me. I couldn’t pan it because I liked most of it. I was impressed with it’s invent-fullness and I did laugh a bit.

Towards the end the novel finally seemed to be more clearly making a point. I think readers looking for more bizarro style Sci-fi will enjoy it.

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