Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 11 movies I am excited about in 2013

1.The Sorcerer and the White Snake Is a total cheat as it was made in China in 2011, but it will be released in the U.S. this year and I can't wait. Ching Siu Tung The director of my favorite Kung Fu movie of all time (Duel to the Death) reunites with Jet Li whose fights he directed in Hero. This movie looks amazing. Jet Li, Snake Demons and Wire fu. 'Nuff said. 2.Pacific Rim I am so glad that Del Toro quit the Hobbit! While I am bummed that he didn't get At the Mountains of Madness made the idea of a 3D Japanese giant monster by Del Toro...it is hard to beat that. 3.ELYSIUM New sci-fi movie from the director of district 9. Need I say more? The trailer does show much, I think they are trying to keep the story mum. 4. Journey to the West Stephen Chow writer/director/star of Kung fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer adapts a big budget adaptation of the classic fantasy novel of ancient China. For real it was first written in the sixteenth century. Chow starred in a series of FX challenged movies based in this novel in the 80's. There is also a movie based on the same book coming this year featuring Donnie Yen as the main character the Monkey King. (Jet Li played the character in Forbidden Kingdom) 5. Star Trek Into Darkness I am a huge Trek nerd, so I am stoked. I would be even more happy if they were not doing a Khan storyline as I wish they were doing something new. I know they will do it bigger and better. Also I still can't get over the whole ice planet scene from the first one. Spock just happens to be hiding in the one cave Kirk happens into after getting dumped on a random planet? Come on. 6. Mad Max Fury Road George Miller director of Happy Feet returns to the movies that made him famous. This would have happened years ago but the new Max Heath ledger was not available when filming was set to start. So Miller recruited the next Batman baddie to fill the role. No trailer yet, but check out this video of the cars, trucks and props. If you are a fan of the Mad Max trilogy you'll be stoked to see it. 7. Oblivion Say what you will about Avatar and 3D but it has been good for big budget sci-fi. District 9 helped too. So I liked the new Tron so I am excited to see what this director does with an original universe. This trailer looks good. 8. Grandmasters Arthouse director Wong Kar Wai is the man behind In the Mood for Love and Ashes of Time. His movies are often delayed as he re-does them over and over. Grandmasters is already on it's third delay. So it might be on my 2014 list. 9.THE GUILLOTINES 《血滴子》 Despite a few bad reviews, and a troubled production by Peter Chan (The promise, Warlords)I still want to see this one. It was set to be the first wuxia pan movie by Hong Kong crime director Dante Lam. After he dropped out the film was taken over by Andrew Lau. Lau is director of Infernal Affairs,(remade as the Departed)Storm Riders and A man Called Hero. I dig his movies. 10.After Earth I am aware that M.Night's last three movies were so bad. At least The happening was so bad it was funny. Lady in the water...ugh. Still he made Unbreakable which is a masterpiece in my opinion. Say what you will about Will Smith he knows how to pick em. I believe the script had to be good. I could be wrong but it looks amazing. 11. Stoker One of my favorite directors (Park Chan Wook) of the last decade the man behind one of the most disturbing revenge movies Oldboy making his English language debut. How creepy does Kidman look in this movie, reminds me of her in The Others which I Loved. How creepy does this movie look. I am nervous about Spike Lee re-making one of my favorite Korean movies Oldboy and Man of Steel, I am excited about kick ass 2. I am excited about the new Swarzenegger only because it is directed by an amazing Korean director.

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I'm so excited to watch all these wonderful movies.