Saturday, September 10, 2011

NFL picks week 1 (2011)

So the plan is to pick the games each week between now and the super bowl and I'm going to keep score, see how I do by the end of the season. I'm picking the Chargers every week besides that I am going by my knowledge of the game and following football. Some big upsets this week, I think the bills will surprise the chiefs at arrowhead. The Chiefs are a mess, it will show sunday. The Detroit/ Tampa Bay game was the hardest to pick. Looking forward to Chargers of course and the Ravens and steelers game. I think the Colts are dead in the water but i hope they prove everyone wrong! Pete Carrol is crazy to start Tavaris Jackson over Whitehurst.

Pittsburgh V Baltimore: Ravens
Chicago V Atlanta: Falcons
Cincinnati V Clevland: Browns
Indy V Houston: Texans
Jacksonville V Tennessee: Titans
Buffalo V KC: Buffalo (big upset on the road!)
Philly V St.Louis: Rams (big upset!)
Detroit V Tampa Bay: Lions (tough call)
Carolina V Arizona: Cards
San Diego V Minnesota: Chargers!!!!
SF V Seattle: Niners, (unless Whitehurst goes in then hawks)
NYG V Washington: Redskins
Dallas V NYJ: Jets (ugh)
New England V Miami: Pats
Denver V Raiders: Broncos (Oak only chance is huge run game)

My Bolts prediction:I am only worried about Adrian Peterson, I think he might gut us in the first half but expect the D to tighten up after a half time adjustment. This is a totally different D than the last time AP tore us up. I think Rivers will have a huge game, as will Ryan Matthews. Pass protection will be solid and Rivers to VJ for 80 to 100 yards. I expect the bolts to win a turn-over battle forcing atleast one fumble and at least one if not two picks on Mcnabb.

Chargers 35 Vikings 17

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