Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vegan Revolution...With Zombies T-Shirts Now!

Hey Folks I'm still trying to raise money to pay of the damage done to the car we used to the trailer for Vegan Revolution...With Zombies. I have another cool way to help us out! My Buddy Magik (who I made into a character in the book) has a T-shirt print shop. He is printing these amazing T-shirts on Organic cotton.

Front: "When there is no more meat in hell, the vegans shall walk the earth."

Back: Has the cover art for the book.

Organic Cotton, ethically made, zero waste printing process. Grey shirts(It's the color where the design looks best. Any funds left over after paying the car will be donated to to Try Vegan PDX. Guys and ladies shirt designs available.

$20.00 (including Postage,International rates may vary)
$15.00 (Bike delivery in Portland,Oregon)

Payments to Paypal:
E-mail me Shirt size and Address you want the shirt shipped or Delivered to.

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