Friday, September 10, 2010

The Vegan Revolution...with zombies unleashed!


"Vegan Revolution..with Zombies is my kind of zombie apocalypse. A perfect blend of horror, humor and animal activism. Destined to become a favorite among zombie fans and vegans alike." - Gina Ranalli Author of House of Fallen Trees, and Chemical Gardens

"David Agranoff's satirical zombie novel presents hope for the future of humanity and animal life; it's a world where both handlebar mustaches and bacon are forgotten. This witty novel celebrates everything I love about vegan Portland and kills everything I hate!" Jess of Portland's Get Sconed vegan blog

Book trailer cast:
Dani - Nicole Vanderhoff
Magik - Himself
Bru-dawg - Himself
Mark - Ed Bauer
Mosspatch the Freegan - Jeff Burk
Random Meat-eater - David Agranoff
Special thanks to all the Zombies, Food Fight, and the rest of the vegan mini-mall.

Tim Kahn
Jason Ptaszek
Joseph Batdorf

Music by Rat courtesy of Hardline records.

Some samples courtesy of


sparks of dissent said...

Dave we would love to do an interview with you regarding the book plus some more stuff...
please check:

contact us through
1000voicesofdissent [at]
take care great stuff!!!

sparks of dissent said...

we got it today on the post. all flat-mates were laughing out loud about it. and we just started reading it!!!! seems promissing!!!!