Sunday, March 21, 2010

A brave new step in Jugg-ology...The Twsited line in Portland

Perhaps the biggest collective gang of idiots embarrassing the human race are without any doubt the juggalos. See here:

For a month now Cari has insisted that we go take pictures and witness first hand the juggalos that live in our community. I thought it was good idea, since I have two Jugg-a-characters in my novel in progress. So here are some pictures. We got off the bus at Sixth and Burnside where the Jugg-a-line had been full effect I'm told since around noon. The side walk was sticky from faygo bottles shook and sprayed on fellow juggalos in some form of bonding or mating ritual. not sure which, further study is required.

We cross the street and circled the juggalos from a safe distance. Cari needed to use the bathroom so we choose Ground Kontrol ( classic video game Barcade). The guy checking Id's asked to see in our bags "Because of the juggalos." A gentleman came in behind us in a faded Juggalo T-shirt and I heard the bouncer say "Hey you can't come in here with that Faygo!"

After a game of Galaga, it was back to the line. We saw a group of juggalos who arm in arm posed for our camera. one extremely drunk juggalo missed out as they yelled. "Get in here Razor blades." Cari assured miss blades she would take another with here. "Get on in there Razor blades." that is Blades in the red hat in the top photo.

We saw a enterprising young group of Jugg-a-preneurs selling Faygo.

It wasn't long before we had enough and as we waited we saw a mini-van pulling with full clown painted Juggalos drive by. The line was around the block,insane. They were all chanting "Family" and honestly as stupid as I knew they were it was another thing to see them in person.

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Edward Morris said...

Like this Franken-chimera Jenny Hanniver mashup of everything I can't stand about heshers, goths, white b-boys and MDMA freaks, layered onto the cast of "Trailer Park Boys" and "Killer Clowns From Outer Space." They have a reservation for those. It's called Gresham.