Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miracle small world-ness....

Amazing thing happened last night!

So Sarah one of my roomates from the hardline house in Syracuse recently moved to Portland for her job. It has been awesome hangin out with an old friend, still vegan and generally an amazing person. The last time we lived in the same town was '99 when she was going to school near ithaca and I was spending my last months in upstate NY. Long story short I decided to move back to indiana for a summer with the intention of moving to D.C. In the fall.
I put all my stuff in storage in NY, but left my record collection with my roommate at the time. I feared they would melt in storage. In the fall my buddy Ryan Downey and I drove in a my junky pick-up truck to Syracuse. Spent the night hanging with Red Ranger and Talked Star Wars with DJ before heading down for Breakfast at harvest deli and to pick up my stuff. I didn't have a cell phone and everytime I saw a pay phone that day I called my old roommate. No answer.
After several hours of packing the truck, with a 12 hour drive facing us I gave up. We drove home. A week later I called about my records. No answer. I hear rumors from friends that He had put the records up on E-bay. I looked and saw records I knew were mine up. Sent an e-mail begging him not to sell them and never heard back. I had a few really valuable records including rare bad religion, misfits and tons of straight edge hardcore 7-inches I spent years collecting.
I never started buying music again because my heart was broken on it. How could I ever replace some of those records. I couldn't. Every time I would leaf through someones old records it broke my heart again, this was my youth spent collecting gone. Each record had a story of the show I bought the records at or the record store I found them at.
So last night Sarah is showing us around her place and and tells me, she has a present for me. I open this box and there, completely and 100% intact after 10 years is my record collection. My old roommate quit hardcore, he apparently didn't sell the records, he gave them to Sarah. Who last night in an act of friendship I'll never be able to repay returned them to me. She had not known they were mine, thinking they were my old roommate's records. It wasn't until we were sitting at Vegan prom and she asked me if I still talked to that dude. So I told her about my records. Sarah wisely let it be a surprise at crew dinner. Wow so in the post below are some picture of my favorite records and the some of my favorite gems. Check it!

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