Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sammy Terry!!!

Perhaps one of the greatest influences on my first novel Hunting the Moon Tribe Was found on local TV in Indiana. We had Independent TV station WTTV channel 4. They ran sitcom re-runs(watched a lot of Different strokes on 4), IU basketball games and most important was on Friday nights.

Every Friday night at 11:30 Sammy Terry hosted horror movies on Channel four. He showed tons of hammer films like Dracula has risen from the grave and Twins of evil being the first two that come to mind. I used to take naps on Friday afternoons after school so I could stay awake and watch Sammy Terry.

It is so rad that Sammy videos are online, I think having him as a friend on myspace is about the best reason to be on myspace. Check out Sammy and have a Horrible evening…

More importantly was when I realized no matter how cool the movie was I was falling asleep I decided to start taping the shows on our BetaMax. When I started watching the end on Saturday mornings I discovered Black belt Theater came on channel 4 after ST. BBT was often old Shaw Brothers movies.

Master killer, five fingers of Death, Chinese super ninjas and the list goes on. So when My first novel comes out later this year from Afterbirth books you’ll understand the influences deep in my childhood.

Read Hunting the Moon Tribe and You’ll also find…

Vampires, Kung Fu masters, Red Guard Chinese agents, a sect of ancient Chinese vampire hunters, knife-throwing Chinese acrobats, giant winged mastodons, dragons, vampire wraiths, a two-headed sex slave who lives with the shape-shifting were-tiger warrior at Madme Yu’s house of freaks, headless giants, mountain spirits, demon- possessed swords and trees, Kung Fu zombie vampire warriors starved over a thousand years, and battles between the goddess of water and an ancient Chinese god of war under the command of the vampire master, Huwan-tun.

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Scott said...

Sammy Terry was a constant sight in our house because of my older brothers love of such drivel. I was scared out of my wits by him. Until he came to the late great Orestes elementary school, I could never look on his face without crying.