Saturday, January 10, 2009

Older than dirt EXC interview

Looking through old flyers and zines and I found Luther’s(formally of the 90’s vegan edge band Warcry, currently of Portland)old zine Reveal. Best part is it has this super amazing old school Earth Crisis interview done through the mail. This interview is post “all out war” 7-inch but before victory deal that led to the firestorm ep.

Some of Karl’s answers are super awesome and funny. Others are really great. He gives a great explanation for why Earth Crisis does NOT agree with hardline on sexuality. Great answers about straight edge and veganism.

“First Straight edge is meaningless without veganism. Veganism is love for the earth, it’s creatures and all innocent life. SxE is about respect for my body, my mind. My body has never been poisoned by the disease of drugs, smoking or alcohol. Since I have never partaken in promiscuous sex my mind is free from the insane urges that lead the weak into despair and disease. Total abstinence, total freedom.”

Awesome. Perhaps the funniest moment is this…

Reveal: What changes do you foresee, if any in the next four years?
Karl: The world is going to get crazy and I’m going to get really violent.

Oh man that made me laugh when I re-read that. I’ll scan the whole thing before too long and post it here.

1992…best part is while I write this January 9 2009 he is playing a show in Santigo Chile still spreading Vegan Straight Edge. Amazing.

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