Monday, December 1, 2008

Animal rights films that need your support!

Cari and I recently went to the second of the Let live lecture series here in Portland. The guest speaker was Shannon Keith long time lawyer and animal rights ass kicker who directed Behind the Mask. When asked what is best to help the animals Shannon said “Media, media, media.”

She talked about reaction to her first film and how many people have written to her to express how it changed the way they viewed animal issues and us activists as well. The impact of the film Earthlings is hard to measure. Bob from Vegan Freak radio called it Thor’s hammer for veganism. I think he is right. It is a life changing viewing experience and if your not changed by you must be a asshole.

I believe bring my message into my fiction in subtle ways is in effect answering Shannon’s call to media, media, media. More on that in a bit.

Shannon is hard at work on a second film about the fur issue called Skin Trade. She needs money. So if you don’t some buy your ticket early by making a donation. Organize a fundraiser or spread the word.

Also answering that call is producer and animal rights ass kicker Eric Presscott. Who is working on a project called “I’m Vegan” He has however already raised the money for his budget. Awesome. Now he is casting Vegans. It’s easy you have to be a well spoken vegan and talk about being Vegan.

Get to it. I admit I want this project to fly since the Eric and I wrote a screenplay together for a vegan themed horror movie. “Media, media, media.” Stay posted for that one.

Support these movies!

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